Hello everyone!

Welcome to my first blog here on more tenzin. Since this my first blog I’m going to be telling you 24 facts about me.

  1. Tenzin is my middle name.
  2. I have a black and white cat called bessie.
  3. I am a cheerleader.
  4. I do handlettering and calligraphy.
  5. My youtube channel is called tenzin_vloggs.
  6. One thing I dislike is when people see your messages but don’t reply.
  7. I own about 20 hairbows.
  8. I don’t like hot drinks.
  9. I have traveled to 11 different places that aren’t within the UK.
  10. When i was younger i danced for seven years.
  11. I can play the flute.
  12. Pineapple should not go on pizza
  13. I never watch TV.
  14. My favourite day of the week is Friday.
  15. When i get exited about something I talk extremely fast.
  16. My dream job is to own a shop and do art classes there.
  17. I can do the splits.
  18. My favourite drink is water.
  19. I can’t stand horror movies.
  20. My favourite lesson in school is art.
  21. I have swam with dolphins.
  22. My favorite youtuber is Saffron barker.
  23. I have two goldfish called Tea and Coffee.
  24. My favourite shop is Superdrug.

So I hope you guys enjoyed reading 24 facts about me. If you did enjoy and you want to see more from me please follow my blog and like this post you can also find me on snapchat, twitter, instagram and youtube under the username @tenzin_vloggs. hope to see you in another blog post soon.

Tenzin out xx


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